Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lab Equipment and Gummy Bears

The winners of the lab equipment challenge were Moe, Seth, and Adam. They were given a wordbank (that was honestly incomplete) and a room full of numbered lab equipment and challenged to identify it all. 

Today students started a lab involving the scientific method and measuring gummy bears. The students got their bears and measured them and then covered them in water to wait. While waiting students identified lab equipment and took their Thursday Quiz.

While we were working, the bears absorbed water and expanded in size. They get bigger and gooey-er and slimy and it's fun for me to watch. Morgan used hot water in his cup and his bear dissolved and shrank into a skele-bear.

Everyone complains they can't eat the bears at the beginning, but complain they don't want to eat them at the end. The cool thing is - there is one more bear in the wings sitting for 24 hours... what is going to happen to it?

Homework was a handout on lab equipment and there is a safety test tomorrow.

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