Friday, May 8, 2015

Chemistry Of: Crime Scenes! Luminol and the Smell of Decomposition

Original posts by Compound Interest for Luminol can be found HERE and for the Smell of Decomposition HERE.

For more information about Luminol, check out How Stuff Works.
The American Chemical Society put together a video about what happens to your body when you die. Check it out HERE

Much of what we know about the decomposition of human bodies in varying conditions is done on pigs. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs tagged along with the entomologists to learn what they learn. Check that video out HERE.

For a TedEd on the first chemistry related forensics - watch this!

And just because it is interesting, here is a TEDTalk about the credibility of eye witness testimony. If you haven't taken forensics with Mrs. Woodward, this stuff is so interesting!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Online testing - acids & bases and radiation

For acids and bases, use the universal indicator test, from this link. Be sure to make your predictions first.

And here is a TED-Ed on the strengths and weaknesses of acids and bases.

Click here for the Online radiation quiz from Hanford and OMSI. Be sure to write down the numbers that apply to you.

There are lots of Ted Talks on Nuclear topics... check them out. 

People often ask about Chernobyl and here is a TEDtalk about the people who refused to relocate. There is also a lot of information here at National Geographic.

Chemistry Of: Sunscreen and Fake Tans

Spring and warm weather have finally arrived!

Compound Interest's original post on Fake Tanning is here and for Suncreen, it is here.

Here is a TED-Ed video on why we need to wear sunscreen!

Here is an interesting TED talk about skin color. 
Nina Jablonski says that differing skin colors are simply our bodies' adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure. Charles Darwin disagreed with this theory, but she explains, that's because he did not have access to NASA.