Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday Lap Tops

I hope that you feel prepared for your SOL on Tuesday. Remember, you know the information, but the SOL asks the questions sometimes in confusing and tricky ways. Please think about what you would like for me to go over on Wednesday. Please make sure you get your review done and have a good weekend.

Today you are going to start with some bonding and naming practice using Quizlet.

Open a link in a new tab. In the blue box, look for "Play Games" and "Scatter." You will then need to drag the names to the correct formula. If it disappears, you matched it correctly. Play three times and record your time each turn. Go slow the first time till you get the hang of it, and then play again.

Bonds and Compounds - Vocabulary (for this one, you may want to try Space Race)

Mean Metal Scatter - Try your hand with these metals and their roman numerals. Remember the metal's cahrge ends up on the anion when it gets crossed down.

  1. Go to Jefferson Lab Practice test
  2. Check 10 questions and Chemistry
  3. Click “More Options Please
  4. Keep All Years checked and click “Next options page, please!”
  5. Pick the appropriate strand Ms.J specified for today and click “Next options page, please!”
  6. Keep Random Order checked and click “I’m ready! Let’s start!”
Answer the questions.  Do NOT start over.  Read explanations for those you missed on the “How am I doing page”.  Write score in appropriate space.

Balancing Battleship. Play the game and record how many boats you sink.

Balancing Equations - change it to easy and do five.

Once you are all done, scroll all the way down to the bottom to the purple box and play any games you want. Keep track of which games you are playing and record your final score.

Riding a Stego in South Dakota
Remember this stuff if ONLINE. If you have access to a computer, you can do these practice excercises on your own as well. Also, MsJ will be staying after school on Monday if you feel like you want to. 

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