Friday, March 6, 2015

Chemistry Of: Nasal Decongestants and Vaccines

I cannot get the graphic for decongestants to load, but you can download it here
Not so long ago, most children did not make it to adulthood. Interested in how well vaccines work? Check out this graphic of death rates prior to vaccination versus recent cases.

The original post for Vaccines at Compound Interest can found here; for nasal decongestants, here

There are so many great TED and TEDEd videos on germs, diseases, and vaccines. Please take a minute to watch one!

  • How do germs spread and why do they make us sick? HERE
  • How do vaccines work? HERE
  • Demo: A needle free vaccine HERE
  • How we conquered the deadly smallpox virus HERE
  • How we will stop Polio for good HERE
  • My wish: Help me stop pandemics HERE

Also, an interesting game for your Smartie Phones and this topic is Plague, Inc. available on Itunes and Android. More information can be found here.

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