Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All Over the Place

Today we started class with a jump in that looked at the differences between elements and compounds and hte differences between substances (elements and compounds) and mixtures. We did a smidgen of notes to learn the differences between homogeneous mixtures (the same every time) and heterogenerous mixtures (different every time) and then did another sort that first broke things down into substances or mixtures and then further broke them down.

Next we did a Physical/Chemical Challenge with Tim, Taylor, and Josh T in third coming out on top, and in fourth Josh beat everyone, with April and Lucas close behind. Next we did a smidge of notes on density. We talked about what density is (the amount of stuff in a space), what it means when you mix things of different densities together (they separate into layers), and we practiced some density math problems. We finished class by combing liquids of varying densities to see which layers were the least and most dense.

Tonight's Homework is boxes C and D

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