Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday is for finishing things up

Today was a hodge podge, finish up, practice, and review day. Students started class with a jump in about phases and phase changes. We went over the homework and made sure their weren't any questions. We talked about density and worked through some density problems.

Third period took a small quiz and then finished up their Marshmallow Madness labs. It's pretty funny to see a class full of kids crowded around the microwave to watch marshmallows heat up. Marshmallows are mostly air and when air is heated, the particles move more and expand - so the marshmallows expand and blow up. When the microwave cuts off, the marshmallows shrink because as the air particles cool, they move less and less and contract. Third period finished with a quick review on a variety of concepts covered in this unit. Taylor, Taylor, Josh T, Brande, Kaleb and Tim are rock stars! Thanks also to Morgan and Shaun for contributing answers.

Some people think its funny to do chemical experiments on marshmallow peeps. Check this out. I think they are funny - I like the egg slicer myself.

Fourth period went over the small quiz and also discussed solubility graphs (see previous post). They worked through some graph problems with Zack demonstrating on the computer. Fourth period finished up with a rowdy game of whiteboard jeopardy. Josh G and Katelin were the winners with the most points, but everyone learned some things they forgot, and a good time was had by all.

Tonight's homework (for over the weekend) is to work on box F on the green sheet and to work on the vocabulary on the front of the packet. We are looking at a Unit 2 Test on Friday.

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