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Open a link in a new tab. In the blue box, look for "Play Games" and "Scatter." You will then need to drag the names to the correct formula. If it disappears, you matched it correctly. Play each set a couple of times until you get really good. You can also use these as flashcards and make up and take tests.

Bonding and Naming - Covalent
Bonding and Naming - Ionic - including metals in the middle with Roman Numerals
Formulas and Variables - Use this to review some important formulas and variables and when to use them.
DUDES - Use this to review the dudes, their experiments, and their discoveries!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Electronic Configuration and Battleship

Today students learned the pattern of electronic configuration and how to use it. Basically its like giving directions to an element on the PT using set landmarks. It is a bit confusing, but once you get the pattern, its not too bad. We practiced with SPDF and electron configuration with arrows.

Students learned about orbitals of the periodic table. These are SPDF. The letters have to do with the shapes the electrons travel around the nucleus in the electron cloud.

Students practiced a bit and then they played Battleship to practice some more. The Periodic Table became the game board and students hid their ships on it, then guessed hits using the electronic configuration of the atoms. I think they really got the hang of it because I did not field many questions at that point.

Tessa and Andrew go head to head with Electronic Configuration Battleship
I am not that good at Battle ship... but in fourth I played two separate games against Josh and Hannah... I think they both hit more of my ships than I hit of theirs.

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