Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review Day

Today students started with a solid liquid gas matching sheet. Then students reviewed concepts through the use of matching cards. They reviewed Physcial vs. Chemical, States of Matter, Phase Changes, and Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures. Most also did a fifth set of vocabulary terms.

Then we had a little discussion about homework. About half of the students had not turned in their math worksheet the day before. And a lot of the ones turned in were not complete, or not done well. Only one student let me know they were having trouble and came in for zero block for help. Homework needs to be completed well and on time. I wanted to make sure that students understood the math before they had a test on it (the test is tomorrow) and it is hard to do that when work is not turned in.

The rest of class was spent working on the math problems and review sheets in anticipation for tomorrow's test.

Tonight's homework is to make sure that packets are complete - all vocab and problems. Review Sheets need to be finished and Green homework sheets need to be completed. All work is due tomorrow and the test is due tomorrow.


Miss J said...

The test wasn't really difficult it just required me to think...I'm ok at completing math problems but i often doubt myself. But in all thanks Ms. J for all the help!!!!!!

Tessa Roumillat said...

In my opinion, the test went alright. I did have trouble on the little half page math sheet that we had to do, but when I got to the test, I think that it went better than on the math worksheet. You did help me a lot when we had to go back and re-do the problems from the half sheet. thanks!