Friday, February 4, 2011

Math and more math

Today we spent the first half of class going over the math homework (heat calculations) from the previous evening. Students realized that it wasn't as hard as they thought it was and now feel more confident with reading directions and dissecting math problems. Groups did three challenge questions on the topic to see how many points they can add to their team scores.

For notes today we discussed vapor pressure and boiling point. The boiling point of a liquid is when the vapor pressure equals the external pressure. When the pressures are equal it is easier for liquids to boil and vaporize into gases and steam away. We discussed definitions and answered questions about vapor pressure graphs. This graph is similar - just know that Standard Temperature is 760 torr and 101.3kPa.

To finish class, we finished the chemical and physical lab. Students were really good about getting their stuff together quickly and finishing their last stations.

Tonight's homework is a review sheet for Unit 1 in the form of released SOL questions. This is familiar information, so students should do well on it.

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