Thursday, January 11, 2018

Expanding Horizons - Personality Test

Each week you will be asked to visit a few online sources. You may be asked to read an article, watch a video, play a game, take a quiz, listen to a podcast or all of the above. Sometimes you will be given specific questions to answer. At other times you will be asked to write a summary convincing others that they should check out what you found. These assignments will take time so do not wait until the last minute. At all websites, you will be asked to correctly write a citation.

Assignments will be given on Thursday and are due by the end of the school day on the following Thursday (for the first one you get 2 weeks because ROAR has not started). If you are absent, the assignment is due the day you return. 

This week is the first week! Start by taking a personality test at 16 Personalities!

Video 1: How the Elements Got Their Names
You may need to watch this video more than once and pause it.

Another fun video if you are interested!

“From Outer Space to Under Our Skin: A Look At The Universe”                    
This video is old, but interesting to think about. Note 100 = 1.

Please let MsJ know as soon as possible if you have problems or questions. 

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