Thursday, August 13, 2009

Safety Day

Students started the day by trying to identify different pieces of lab equipment. They weren't allowed to use a word bank and that did not stop them from excelling at this task.

Students then played Fact or Scat, a review game for safety concepts and to help them get to know each other a little better. Safety tests were then taken and graded.

We discussed the meanings of different root words and made a couple of interesting lists.
Mill - millimeter, millisecond, millenium, millipede, million, millionaire, milliwatt
Kil - kilobyte, kilowatt, kilohertz, kilocycle, kilocalorie, kilometer
cent - century, centipede, centigram, centiliter, celcius
dec - decade, decagon, dodecagon, december, decimate, decimal, decibel
Based on these words we discussed that mill meant thousandth; kil = thousand; cent = 100; and dec meant 10. December used to be the tenth month until Julius Caesar and Augustus got involved with the calendar.

Tomorrow students will be finishing up with precision and accuracy and doing a lab to demonstrate it.

Homework tonight is to measure a few objects using a special tool that the student chose at random. Do you know how many bandaids high your table is? Well tomorrow someone should know.

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