Monday, August 24, 2009

Scientific Method

Today students practiced with numbers to see if they remember significant digits and scientific notation. Tomorrow is their test!

Because students were having trouble with the scientific method we practiced with some odd scenarios like the one below. Students had to write a hypothesis in If/Then form, identify the independent variable and dependent variables, control, constants, and possible sources of error. Teams were awarded points for correct answers and coached along the way. All teams improved by the end and all the K teams Kicked Butt! And there are 6 K's in this class - so that's a heap of kicking!

SAMPLE SCENARIO: Albert thinks that if he licks his pencils before sharpening them, they will stay sharper longer. He tests 10 pencils and licks half of them before hand. He then uses them and then compares their sharpness. During testing he dropped three pencils on the floor, but he doesn’t know which ones.

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