Saturday, September 19, 2009

Computer Lab Day

Today you are going to be working on a variety of online learning, puzzles, and games. Please go in order and record the required information. If you are somewhere other than these pages or this website, then you will be removed from a computer.

Yes, I have given you more than you could possibly do (well, unless your name is Patrisha). If you have internet access at home, feel free to try more of these or go sign up for zero block tomorrow. Your Unit 2 Test is tomorrow.

To play the games, right click on the underlined text and choose "open in a new tab."

1. Periodic Table Jeopardy Grab someone near you and play together (this is the only game to be played with partners. Otherwise play by yourself. Spelling does count in this game. Record your score.

2. Element Math Game Choose 10 questions, and yes for the rounding question. Record your score.

3. Shepard Software Games
A. Choose "Element Matching Game." Record your score.
B. Choose "Level 1 - Beginner - Common Elements." Record your score.

4. Bubble Game Test you knowedge of noble gases, alkali metals and halogens. Record your score after each round.

5. Chemistry Battleship Change the computer setting to easy. Try to sink the opponent's ships while answering chemistry questions. Did you win?

6. Matter Millionaire Record your high score (two play maximum)

7. Matching Game - Check off that you completed it.

8. Free Rice - Test your knowledge of elements and their symbols while donating rice to the UN World Food Program. Record the amount of rice you have donated as well as your skill level.

9. 23 Element Matching Game - Check off that it is complete.

10. Element Crossword Puzzles - Pick one and try it. Record how you do.

These don't work (But I need to save them somewhere else. They may work on your personal computer)
David Whizzy's orbital filling and view
Build Atoms

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