Friday, October 2, 2009


Today students realized that they knew how to bond and name the compounds, but not when to do which kind. We went over ionic and covalent bonding and when to do it and then had a quick challenge. Katelyn and Kelsea both got a perfect score.

Then we practiced. Students worked through some practice problems on their own recieving help when they needed it and then practiced some of the vocabulary terms in a crossword puzzle. Yesterday we practiced vocabulary terms by playing Bingo for Halloween pencils so students had already practiced the terms. Yesterday Katelyn also dominated on the counting atoms challenge.

Students finished with around the room bonding where they took on the properties of a certain type of atom and had to find people to bond with. When you are an anion, this is easy because you can bond with everyone. It is a little more difficult to be a cation because you can only bond with anions.

Students have a test on bonding and Unit 3 on Tuesday.

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