Tuesday, October 6, 2009


While we are practicing bonding and naming, things are more exciting if they are worth points and points are worth prizes.

Yesterday Katelyn and Kristina tied with Elijah and Chris for the most points bonding and naming and were awarded glow in the dark vampire teeth. This of course spiked a discussion about Twilight and Halloween. Chris was excited for his very first win, but what he didn't see that I did was all the great discussion and explaining that went on between partners as they all tried to earn the maximum number of points per question. There was learning happening.

Today we went over SOL questions that relate to this unit's material. Some of these were fairly straightforward, but SOL questions sometimes are tricky too. Points were awarded for good underlining, good crossing out, and answering questions correctly. So points for being right and points for good test taking skills. I think that most students know how to these, but don't actually do it most of the time when they should. Brittany and Ashleigh beat out the competitors by more than four points for their own vampire teeth.

Students completed the first portion of their test and will take the rest tomorrow to finish up this unit on bonding and naming. The good thing (or bad thing) about bonding and naming is that it doesn't go away... we will be using this information in the next unit also.

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