Thursday, October 15, 2009

Endothermic / Exothermic

Today we practiced naming compound and reviewed types of chemical reactions. We took a smidgen of notes and started a lab. It is important not to have your hair in your eyes or in front of your goggles... and some people with need reminding... not me... I just let it stick straight up.

Today's lab was simply mixing a chemical with water and measuring the temperature change. One reaction was endothermic and the temperature dropped to 9*C. The other reaction was exothermic and released heat reaching above 30*C.

Students were able to measure the temperature change with the thermometers and also feel the temperature change by holding the beakers. Kyle thought it was pretty neat to feel the temperature change, but admitted that we don't need any endothermic reactions in this classroom - it's cold enough already!

The lab write-up includes graphing and answering some questions. Labs are due Monday. Students will also be taking a benchmark on Monday.

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