Monday, November 16, 2009

Limiting Reagents and S'mores

Today we discussed limiting reagents - basically the ingredient that limits how much products you can make.

For a S'more, you need a graham cracks (to break in half), a marshmallow, and two squares of chocolate. If you have 10 marshmallows, then you can only make 10 sandwiches no matter how many graham crackers you have.

In a chemistry problem, you have to take what's given to you and convert to the other thing that is given to you (so two sets of conversions) and then determine if what you NEED is what you HAVE. It's really a thought process applied to stoichiometry and unfortunately a necessary evil.

Students worked on practice problems and munched on a S'more while they worked. 20 seconds in a microwave and your marshmallow is ready for the chocolate and the top graham cracker!

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