Friday, November 13, 2009

Stoichiometry Quiz and Door Decorating

The Louisa Lions football team is off to the playoffs at Liberty and to show some spirit, there was a door decorating contest for third period. I am a mean teacher in an SOL class, so assignments came first, and then door decorating.

Angie led our door decorating team with major contributions from Kelsea, Kaitlin, Patrisha, and Kelsey. Many other students in the class were very helpful and happy to cut, paste, and whatever else was asked of them. The girls worked through lunch and came in for zero block to make our door festive and spirited.

We did not win, but we are proud of our door because it is awesome.

Today students took their quiz on stoichiometry (converting using moles) and they did AWESOME! The most points off was 2 and all mistakes were very minor. The students should be proud of their accomplishment in a tricky chemistry math subject.

We will be learning limiting reactants on Monday and as a reward we will do this edibly.

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