Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mole Practice

Today students took a mole challenge to see how much they knew about moles... besides their favorite number. The high score was a 9.5/10 so I must have stumped them. They did do better than they thought they would... and most of them were a bit mad when they saw what the answers were to the ones they didn't know.

For moles there are basically three conversions to know.
1 mole
6.02 x 10^23

1 mole
(molar mass) grams (add weights from PT)

1 mole
22.4 Liters

Today we learned about Avogadro's theory about gases and then practiced converting using our new favorite number, 22.4. Avogadro, that handsome devil, did a lot of important stuff with moles and is also the guy who gave us our other favorite number 6.02.

Everyone seemed to have the hang of things so we got out the white boards and did some practice problems. Everyone tried the problems and erased any mistakes with ease. I know they know it even if they feel a little overwhelmed. Kristina and Elijah are pictured here concentrating and working out mole math problems.

Tomorrow the students will have a quiz and a guest speaker. The guest speaker is Mr. Marshall, one of my former students, who is know a funeral director using chemistry in real life.

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