Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bonding Bonding Bonding

Now that everyone knows how to bond... it is time to mix the problems together!

Step 1 is to ALWAYS FIND THE CHARGES. This is imperative.

If it is a positive and a positive or has a noble gas - there is NO BOND.

If it is a positive and a negative, then the charges are criss crossed to get the formula. To name it, say the name of the metal, use roman numerals if it is not in the S block, and say the non metal anion with an ide ending.

If it is a negative and a negative, then the atoms must be drawn with valence electrons, single electrons matched with others, a formula written, and then it is named with prefixes.

Tomorrow students will be working on a GIANT review sheet. There will be a test on this material on Tuesday.

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