Monday, March 8, 2010

Ionic Bonding Speed Dating

Today students learned about ionic bonds, how to bond them, and how to name ionic compounds.

Ionic bonds are formed by ecriss crossing the charges of a cation and anion. Ionic compounds are named by saying the name of the metal, putting roman numerals if its not in the S block, and then the name of the anion with an ide ending.

Each students took on the persona of an element. Cations and metals were boys; anions and non metals were girls. Students lined up in the hallway and went on "speed dates" with members of the opposite charge, came up with the correct formula, and then named the resulting compound. When they finished, they moved on down the line and bonded with someone else.

By doing this activity, students work with a variety of their classmates, get to talk through the process with different people, and get a lot of hard work practicing in... while having fun. Below are some photos of the event.Joci is bonding Molybdenum to an anion girl.Emily, Jeremy, Brendan, and Alan all in a rowManuel, Gabby, Laura, Jessie, Kari, TJ, Taryn, and Brittany all enjoying Ionic Speed Dating.

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