Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Ionic Speed Dating and learning Covalent bonds

Today we practiced more ionic bonding with speed sating after reviewing any corrections I made on their first speed dating card. Students altered their personalities to the opposite sex from a metal to a nonmetal or from a nonmetal to a metal and made some more detailed drawings of their people-personalities. Everyone knew what they were doing and was much speedier in their speed dating.
Daniel and Gabby Speed Dating
Jay's speed dating card
TJ and Taryn Speed dating
Kari's speed dating personality is a man in a sombrero.

Then students learned about covalent bonding, how to do it, and how to name it. Students practiced on white boards and really seemed to get it. Tomorrow they will practice some more in a round robin fashion.Olivia and Jay work together and Chris is working on his own to covalently bond two atoms.
Kaboria is working with Dontae, while Manuel is working with Channel.

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