Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dudes and Periodic Table

Today students started with a BrainPop about the Periodic Table. Tim and Moby went into a little more detail then I did and the quiz was a little more difficult than expected. There is a lot of information on the periodic table and it is set up in all those groups and periods for reasons!

Today we discussed atom models - what they looked like and what they are called, the dudes who came up with them, and the experiments they did.

Shrodinger came up with the current electron cloud model, but we draw Bohr's planetary model the most often because it easier to count the electrons.

Electrons are tricky because they move constantly and at high speeds. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle states that you cannot know both the speed and location of an electron - you can only know one - becuase measuring either one, changes the other. For more information about the history of atomic models, check out this great link.

We took a short quiz about atoms and elements that students did well on. Everyone got a 7/10 or better... so everyone gets a sticker. :) We finished class with review of the Periodic Table by playing Guess Who. Third period knows enough to play against each other so the rivalries have begun. Check out the photos below.

Homework Tonight - Box A and B on the Gold Sheet
Physical Chemical Labs are due tomorrow.

Taylor and Taylor go head to head
Karen vs. Brande.... Jasmine vs. Marion... and in the back Shaun vs. James
Kaleb vs. Amanda... and Tim vs. Kelsey in the background

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Anonymous said...

i learned alot about where elements are on the periodic table and where they're grouped, all thanks 2 the Guess Who game. for example: oxygen is a nonmetal located above the stairs/metalloids.
- Kaleb