Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Physical Chemical Lab

 Today students worked on a lab. Part of the lab was making observations of substances and deciding whether they were elements, compounds, or mixtures.

Students also mixed salts and water and measured temperature changes. One of the salts raised the temperature to over 50*C, while another exothermic reaction dropped the temperature to 18*C.

Other experiments included mixing chemicals and deciding whether the reactions were physical or chemical changes. Most of the reactions were pretty interesting. One of them involved mixing two clear liquids and getting a bright yellow precipitate (a precipitate is a solid!). Students burned small pieces of magnesium ribbon and saw a really bright white light. Stu

Tonight's Homework is to get a good start on the Unit 2 Review Sheet. TEST FRIDAY

A quick shout out to awesome fourth period who thought it might be cool (or at least a little funny) to wear that lab gear outside for the fire drill.


Anonymous said...

i think that was funny:)


Josh C. said...

I really liked this class because we got to go around and do alot of different expirements. Doing different expirements like this can help me learn alot better than just sitting in class reviewing.

Andrew Monday said...

I had fun doing the phyical chemical lab because it was a change from taking notes and doing worksheets all class period. We got to wear goofy goggles that kept fogging up, but it was worth the inconvience. The water and salt mixtures really surprised me at how fast the solutions changed temperatures.

Andrew Monday 3

Jessica A. said...

I enjoyed the physical chemical lab because it was a hands-on activity. It gave me a better understanding of the difference between a physical and chemical change.

Anonymous said...

Best class ever!! (: Fun, fun day!