Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 of Chemistry

Today students began class by looking at a Material Safety Data Sheet on Sodium Chloride (salt) and answering questions about it. Although we use table salt every day, in large quantities and in certain situations it can be dangerous.

We looked at first period's safety photos and then second and third period took their photos. I left my disk at school, so I will try to post some of those tomorrow. Needless to say, they are hilarious. Fourth period was especially creative with fake blood and chemicals in the eye, whereas second got creative with heat and flame safety.

Students moved to their new seats - alphabetical by first name - so MsJ can learn them, took their first Thursday Quiz on the syllabus (Do you know how to spell Jancaitis?) and then played Fact or Scat to get to know each other and go over some safety rules. Students enjoyed the game and probably liked the getting to know you questions better than the content ones.

Tonight's homework is to get the safety rules signed and to study for tomorrow's safety test.

Friday's homework is a worksheet called Thumb-possible and measuring items around the house using body parts.

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