Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finishing up Unit 1

We are finishing up Unit 1. On Wednesday we covered scientific notation and went over the snowman homework that seemed to give everyone trouble. We watched a BrainPop on Precision and Accuracy followed by a difficult quiz and finished class with a math challenge. Homework was boxes EGJ.

On Thursday we started class with a precision vs accuracy challenge involving bullseyes, figures, and percent error. We covered scientific method and then worked through some fake scenarios like if Albert licked his pencils would they stay sharper longer and if Wellesley drank a sports drink would it make him run faster? Students took a Thursday quiz that covered all the math essential to this unit. Overall students did well, but many now know what they need to focus on - like including units. Thursday's homework was to make sure packets are complete and to work on a Unit 1 Review Sheet. Students were given another worksheet (SM and Wrap-up) in case snow closed school Friday.

Friday we began with another jump in on significant digits. We then discussed the previous days quiz and worked through Math Challenge 2. Students finished class with some goofy dimensional analysis coupled with switching partners every round by playing rock, paper, scissors. Homework is the SM and Wrap-Up sheet given previously and the Unit 1 Test is Monday.

In the event of snow on Tuesday, students will be given assignments to work on at home. These assignments will be due upon return to school. It is essential that we keep moving so that we can cover all the material before the state test at the end of term.

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