Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day to everyone. Please do not forget to do last night's homework (Box D and I on the blue homework sheet). If you would like to get ahead on the homework sheet, go right ahead. There are plenty of things you ought to know how to do.

Yesterday, students started with percent error. Anyone who could remember the formula from Friday and told me got a snowflake sticker. Then we measured three classroom objects and calculated percent error based on what I said the actual measurements were. I think we have gotten our first formula dow pat.

Next we went over lab equipment. Here is a good handout to review them. Students tried on their own to id the equipment before I told them what everything was and were quite successful.

We finished class with some dimensional analysis. Dimensional analysis (or train tracks) is used to convert from one unit to another. Right now we are just learning the process, but these conversions are very important in chemistry and even have their own special name in that regard - stoichiometry.

The important thing to remember in conversions is to match the units diagonally (and usually down) so they cancel and you are able to convert to the new unit you are trying to get to. Some conversions are going to take more than one step. For right now we are doing a mix of standard conversions and completely made up ones.

Anyone who needs help with this needs to let me know! This website has a pretty good explanation.

Enjoy the snow day everyone and come back ready to learn!

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