Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phase Changes

To start class, we reviewed chemical and physical changes and properties. Its a lot harder than most people think and I could hear brains stretching as students tried to classify the terms and scenarios provided. Here Tabatha, Jewell, and Olivia contemplate their answers.

Today we reviewed the qualities of soilds, liquids, and gases. Then we discussed how these phases can be arranged on a graph or diagram. There are two types of phase change diagrams. One looks like a branching tree and the other looks like a line.

We talked about how to label them and what the parts mean, where the phase changes would go, and things like that.

To review these graphs, we played SWAT. Swat involves two teams with hands on flexi-wands beating the wall to try to be the fastest to identify a verbal question.

In second period, the left side one and the right hand side won in third period. Winner received stickers for their efforts. Austin gives an evil look while showing his SWAT skills. His team won in third period.

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