Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Physical vs. Chemical Lab

Today was a lab day and student investigated physical and chemical changes. Students worked in small groups and rotated around the room to try different things. Students were very responsible with the chemicals involved and have proved that they are capable of doing complex labs and following directions. Congratulations.

One station where Copper and Nitric Acid were mixed was done on the computer using a YouTube video. We could not do this experiment in class because we were missing one of the reactants. It is a cool reaction and you can see here that TJ, Dontae, Ray, and Tevin are interested (even if you don't really need goggles and aprons to watch a video).
One interesting experiment was mixing two clear liquids that formed a yellow precipitate. A precipitate is a solid. So two clear liquids produced a tube full of yellow powder. Here you can see Rick mixing the liquids. Below you can see Sabrina and Krystin (I think) checking it out. If you want to see some videos we took in class from last semester, check here.

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