Thursday, January 14, 2010

Train Tracks Math

Today in class, we practiced more train tracks math. The students defineitly have the hang out, but don't like it when I use made up units instead of real-life examples. Oh well, at least they have the hang of it.

For notes, we discussed accuracy and precision and tested these terms out by having a few students throw objects at the wall. Second period had a perfect spread to compare both accuracy and precision. Third period was not as good, not very accurate and not very precise. We decided they needed more practice.

They took a quiz on all the material we had covered so far and did very well. They are right on track for the Unit 1 Test which will be on Wednesday after we come back from the long weekend.

We finished the class with a train tracks challenge. In second period, Courtney & Brittany are in the lead. In third period there is tie between Krystin & Lizzie and Joci & Jen

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